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Certain IT Jobs Poised For Big Raises

IT hiring is up and IT Pros should finally start seeing some raises.

from Glassdoor regarding software developers in five major metro areas.

Software developers are one of those hot jobs according to Reed, and in San Francisco, you can see that's clearly true. In Chicago, software developers have actually taken a minor pay cut (though I suspect that is mostly a small sample situation). Don't get too disheartened if you are in the wrong geographical area, however, this data is from March and the job market has continued to heat up since then.

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Wherever you are, if you are an IT Pro, especially in one of these hot jobs, things are looking up. You should be looking forward to a nice second half of 2015. But if you are a hiring a manager reading this, you might be panicked. Reed has one bit of advice. "The best practice if you are a company trying to maximize your seat space? Being able to tell your story in the marketplace. What makes you a great place to work? What makes you different? In a tough market it can sometimes come down to emotion. If everything else is equal that might make the difference. Have that elevator pitch, that sales pitch, ready to go so they know why they should work for you."