China Hardware Exports Continue To Grow: Study

Flash card exports are expected to pass the $300 million mark this year, according to new market research.
Market research figures from Mainland China and Taiwan indicate the manufacture of digital cameras and other computing-related devices for export show no signs of slowing.

Global Sources, a China-based market research firm, said Tuesday that Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers produced 94 million digital cameras in 2004; 82 million of them were exported. Global Sources is expecting exports to grow between 10 and 20 percent in the current year.

In flash memory, the market research firm said manufacturers are shifting production to miniSD cards (mini Secure Digital) and Reduced-Size MultiMediaCards (RS-MMC). Global Sources noted that Mainland China makers of flash memory cards are looking for 100-percent growth this year for existing flash card lines. Flash card exports are expected to pass the $300 million mark this year.

The manufacture of barebones PCs should top $583 million this year representing a growth of 97 percent over the previous year. Most of that number -- $494 million -- is earmarked for export.

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