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Choosing The PC Over The Man

One in five workers says the boss is the most useful part of the job. But 25% choose their computers as the most useful.
According to new research, many workers think their computers are more useful than their bosses.

The survey, conducted by research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres in the United Kingdom for Fujitsu Services, found that employees rank IT systems as the most useful thing in their offices, garnering 25% of the vote. Managers came in second, with only 19%. What's more, employees say they just can't live without IT: 38% of all workers would refuse to work as hard if their systems crashed, and 15% would leave the office early.

"People are finally seeing the value of their computer and can't imagine life without it," says Marjorie Brody, president of human-resources consulting firm Brody Communications. She says management might also be taking it on the chin thanks to a rough economy. "People are very overwhelmed, and bosses bear the brunt of negativity."