Cingular To Be Renamed AT&T: Report

SBC renamed itself AT&T on Monday, with the company's CEO saying Cingular will soon have that name, too.
SBC, which closed its acquisition of AT&T on Friday, Monday said it will now be known as AT&T and some news stories said that moniker will be extended to Cingular Wireless as well.

USA Today reported in its Monday editions that Ed Whitacre, CEO of the newly-renamed AT&T confirmed that Cingular will soon also become AT&T. SBC -- now AT&T -- owns 60 percent of Cingular with BellSouth owning the rest.

Cingular purchased the old AT&T Wireless after that company suffered tremendous loss of customers. At the time, Cingular lost rights to the storied AT&T name, but with SBC's acquisition of AT&T, those rights have returned.

When asked by USA Today whether AT&T planed to eliminate the name Cingular and use AT&T, Whitacre said, "Yes, we do." A spokesperson for BellSouth told the newspaper that the company had no objection to the renaming.

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