Co-Working Spaces a Money-Saving Alternative to the Private Office

So-called "co-working spaces" are springing up from Massachusetts to Portland, offering the amenities of a full office at a reduced cost. In an era of rising office rents, they provide an economic alternative to sole-proprietor and other small businesses.With names like Office Nomads and Citizen Desk, co-working spaces provide desk space, conference rooms, kitchenettes, WiFi, and other office benefits. But since the cost of the office is shared and can be adjusted for less than fulltime use, it's users can save a great deal of money over setting up a complete office by yourself. Some co-workers pay as little as $100/month for the mailing address and two days of office use per month, up to $800/month for fulltime use. Day passes are even available in some spaces for as little as $20/day.

A map of locations shows more than three dozen across the country and in Canada. Putting off the cost of office staff and equipment could be a boon to the balance sheet of many startups and other small

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