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Combined Catalog For Some HP, Compaq Products

It's not the Sears Christmas catalog, but the new product listing for smaller companies should help buyers understand how products fit together.
Small and medium-sized businesses used to collecting direct-sales catalogs from both Hewlett-Packard and Compaq can now refer to a single book. For the first time since acquiring Compaq in May, HP is distributing a catalog that combines smaller-company products from both companies.

HP has begun mailing about 2 million catalogs, although customers can also receive a PDF version via E-mail. While the new catalog, published quarterly, doesn't represent a new sales approach for HP, it should help customers better understand where the different HP and Compaq products fit within HP's new product road map, an HP spokesman says.

Direct sales will continue to be a part of HP's strategy for smaller buyers, at least as long as rival Dell Computer continues to be successful with its direct model. HP's catalog serves the added purpose of helping customers understand how HP and Compaq desktops, notebooks, workstations, mobile devices, and servers mesh under the "new" HP.