Cool From Korea: Vibraphones And Voice-Command Cartoons

New phones released this week enable Korean consumers to issue commands by speaking to on-screen cartoon characters and to literally feel sensations as they play mobile games.
Korean wireless phone users can now access data by speaking to interactive cartoon characters and feel their phone vibrate and shake when they play mobile games.

The Korea Herald said Tuesday that Korea's SK Telecom has launched a new service, dubbed 1mm, that provides access to services such as messaging and games by speaking to interactive characters shown on the display of the phone. The service works on three phones from LG Electronics and Samsung.

The Korean newspaper quoted a SK Telecom executive Yoon Song-yee as saying: "With mobile-phone-based services becoming enhanced and sophisticated, the point of competition is to deliver relevant information to customers with less complexity."

In July, the 1mm service will be combined with a digital music service, the Korean publication said.

Separately, Samsung released two phones in Korea that use VibeTonz, a technology from U.S.-based Immersion Corporation, that provide touch sensations when playing games.

"During an auto racing game, for example, the mobile phone vibrates as the player's car bumps over gravel or other unpaved surfaces, adding realism to virtual reality," a Samsung executive said in a statement.

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