Cultish Clio Laptop/Handheld Set For Comeback

Swivel-screen laptop/handheld, first introduced in 1999, to be updated with Wi-Fi and other up-to-date features.
Clio, a swivel-screened cross between a laptop and a handheld, is making a comeback, its maker said Tuesday.

Data Evolution said the new Clio NXT will still have its swiveling 9.4-inch screen but will also have such newer capabilities as built-in Wi-Fi and USB connectivity. The device will be based on Microsoft's Windows CE .NET 4.2 Professional platform and will use a 400 MHz Intel processor typically used for handheld devices.

The device was considered cutting edge when it was introduced with much fanfare in 1999. It developed a cult following after it failed to achieve market momentum.

"When Clio arrived on the computer scene in 1999, it was widely heralded as a breakthrough in mobile computing design and revolutionized the shape of laptops forever," Robert J. Sowah, co-founder and CEO of Data Evolution, said in a statement. "The new Clio will continue this incredible legacy."

The company said it expected to ship the Clio NXT early in 2005. It gave no pricing information.

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