Dell Laptops To Support Verizon 3G Service

Dell will start by selling standalone 3G modems but eventually will build support for the Verizon Wireless 3G service directly into its laptops.
Dell said Monday that it will eventually build support for Verizon Wireless' 1xEV-DO 3G service into its laptops.

Currently, users can buy an add-in PC Card for the service directly from Dell for $249. However, the companies said in a statement that they are working together to integrate 3G into future laptops. Those laptops should start to appear next year, the companies said. The service itself will cost extra -- Verizon is currently charging $60 a month for unlimited access.

"Before long, it will be a basic assumption that one can access critical information anytime, anywhere, with the speed and rich content that we have all come to expect," Alex Gruzen, senior vice president in Dell’s Product Group, said in a statement. "Dell's market-leading notebooks will be at the forefront of that trend."

Verizon Wireless' 3G service has already been deployed in more than 60 major metropolitan areas and the built-out won't be completed until at least the end of the year. Sony already is selling laptops with somewhat slower EDGE cellular data access built in.

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