DocuPen: A Scanner The Size Of A Toothbrush

The DocuPen is designed to scan 8.5" wide pages in black and white without any computer assistance. It connects to the PC via USB for download and for battery recharge. It can store about 100 monochrome pages before you have to dump its 2Mb flash memory to disk.
ScanSoft's PaperPort 8.0 document management software is included with the DocuPen. The software does a nice job of storing the pen's scanned images, but the interface seems incomplete. I would like to see a single-button execution such that after connecting the DocuPen to the PC, pushing the DocuPen's only button automatically launched PaperPort and downloaded its contents. As it is currently configured, it's necessary to select the DocuPen from the list of image sources, then click the download button. The operation isn't difficult, but it could be made easier.

The DocuPen R-700 sells for $200.00 and may be just exactly what you need if you're always looking for a copy machine when you're out of the office. It only weighs 2 oz. and is just over 8" long, so it will fit easily into a briefcase.