Don'tDateHimGirl Adds Podcasts

Don’ is scheduled to launch a podcast and online discussion forum.
The women's answer to sites that give tips to players, wingmen and others on how to play the field and get away with it is expanding this weekend.

Don’ is scheduled to launch a podcast and online discussion forum this weekend.

The site, which allows women to post profiles and photos of men they accuse of cheating, has gained attention from several major media outlets, including The Today Show and Fox News. The site claims to be "changing the way women date – one bad guy at a time." In an apparent bid for balance, it encourages men to submit rebuttals.

"We get tons of e-mails every day from our members and some of them are just too good to keep to ourselves," Tasha Joseph writes on her blog "Each month, we will share some of the most entertaining gems that we've received with you as a regular feature of this blog, much like our Cheaters of the Day."

The show is expected to air every Saturday and will be available through iTunes. According to Joseph, the site is averaging 600,000 hits a day and receives so many "new cheaters" each day that it takes several days for a submitted profile to rise to the top of the heap for posting.

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