DRAM Prices Fall 5.7% In A Week, Says Gartner

The most precipitous drop struck 512-Mbit memory chips, which fell below $2 each.
LONDON — The spot price for a variety of sizes of DRAM integrated circuits continued to tumble last week, extending a renewed descent that has coincided with the calendar year, according to market research firm Gartner Inc. (San Jose, Calif.).

Average spot pricing across all densities and technologies was down 5.7 percent compared with the previous week. The leading-edge devices saw the strongest declines with pricing on 512-Mbit devices falling below $2 per chip without much resistance, Gartner said.

The 512-Mbit memory in DDR2 format with 667-MHz transfer clock has lost about two-thirds of the price it can command since the beginning of the year, having fallen from about $6 per chip to as low as $1.95 last week, according to Gartner charts.

Contract negotiations for the first half of May are targeting $1.80 per chip, Gartner said.

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