EBay Launches Site For Open-Source Developers

The auction site launches an online forum for open-source developers interested in adding eBay services to Web applications.
EBay Inc. on Tuesday launched an online forum for open-source developers interested in accessing source code for various tools and sample applications for adding EBay services to web applications.

The EBay Community Codebase is availalable at no charge to all members of the EBay Developers Program and the PayPal Developer Network. PayPal is an online payment service owned by the San Jose, Calif., online auction company.

The Community Code base is part of an effort to help developers build applications using the EBay and PayPal web services platforms. Web services is term used to describe a number of standard technologies for integrating applications over the Internet.

As part of the Tuesday announcement, EBay introduced a new pricing structure for Developers Program members. Individual tier members now have access to 10,000 free application programming interface calls per month, up from about 1,500 per month. In addition, eBay has waived all certification fees for individual tier members.

"Open source development has been proven to reduce the time and cost of developing software, while increasing quality through collaboration and continuous improvement," Greg Isaacs, director of eBay Developers Program, said in a statement. "By creating the eBay Community Codebase and increasing the limit on free API access for our individual tier members, we hope to create fertile ground for the innovators of our developers program."

The announcements were made at EBay's fourth annual Developers Conference in San Jose.

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