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Editor's Note: Get The 411 Out So It Has Value

Editor's Note Stephanie Stahl
Like any good parent, I spend a lot of time helping my children learn to read, spell, construct sentences, and write creatively. It wasn't that long ago I remember focusing my oldest daughter on vowels. What they were, what they sounded like, etc. But as she has become increasingly proficient at using a computer, I'm wondering if it's time for a lesson on how to ignore vowels. I think I'm one of the few people who actually still spell out entire words in E-mails or IMs. But in an acronym-infested world of fast-paced business, well, there really doesn't seem to be time for that anymore. Consider this note.

Dear SS.

Thought U might B interested N our new biz strat. Think XML, SOA, VoIP, on-demand. Lemme know if U want details before COB today. It's NP. Thx.



Well, when the E-mail came through I was OTP (on the phone) and said Y (yes) I'd like a little more 411 (information) and would TTYL (talk to you later). C-ya.

Meanwhile, I'm scratching my head because I really had no idea what RW was saying.

But E-mail brevity aside, I think some companies could use a lesson or two in communicating the value of their goods. I say that because of the many press releases I receive that tout products and services that will meet your technology needs in real-time, on demand, at half the cost, and twice as fast as anyone else.

OK, but how will it solve a business problem, support a new business opportunity, create visibility in the supply chain, make customers happier, increase revenue? Sometimes the messaging needs a little more ROI to keep busy decision makers from LOL.

Stephanie Stahl,
([email protected])

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