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Favorite Places: Vernon County, Wis.

For one reader, not much exceeds the experience of looking down at a bald eagle in flight.
In the middle of nowhere--but in the heart of America--sits the Favorite Place of reader Mike Langrehr. He writes:

"I haven't been there in many years, but my favorite place here in Wisconsin is located in Vernon County, high above the mighty Mississippi River.

"It's quite a hike to the top of the bluff from my grandpa's cabin. If you're not out of breath when you reach the top, you will be as soon as you take a look at the view. There's something about sitting on the edge of the rock face looking at miles and miles of river. From here you can look at the river barges carrying their loads for the week. These huge boats look like tiny matchbox cars, as does the Burlington Northern Train slowly coming into view and then disappearing again as it heads north to the Twin Cities, 250 miles away. You can even sneak a peak at what's going on in Minnesota and Iowa.

"What's really spectacular about my favorite place is the view of the valley directly below you. I know lots of people who have had the chance to look up and see the magnificent bald eagle flying high above. From this spot, though, the only way to see an eagle is to look down as the bird soars in the valley. It's inspiring to see that white-capped head and tail moving from side to side as the bird takes in the same view that you see. This is Mother Nature at her finest."

What's your Favorite Place? Is it urban, suburban, rural? Is it in a home or out in nature? Let us know! E-mail [email protected] and [email protected] with your submission, which we'll consider for publication.

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