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Fingerprint Device Protects Data Transfers

Validian Flash Communicator software and Sony Biometric USB device combine to authenticate user and provide encrypted file and message exchange.
Validian Corporation and Sony Electronics Inc. have integrated Validian's Flash Communicator secure data-communications software with the Sony Puppy FIU-810 USB-based fingerprint identity token to authenticate and authorize end users and applications, protecting against identity theft and providing a secure file- and message-exchange system.

"The Flash Communicator application utilizes two of the key features found on the FIU810 USB token," said Bruce Schwartz, Senior New Business Development Manager of Sony Electronics, in a statement. "Fingerprint authentication ensures that the proper individual is using the device. It also secures and allows access to the private flash storage portion where the application resides, thereby making this solution truly secure and mobile."

Flash Communicator is installed in the private storage area of the Sony USB device, and links to the unique identifier of the unit on which it is installed. The application can operate only on this device. Should the FIU-810 token be lost or stolen, this link prevents the application from being copied to and used from another computer or USB device, or operated by another user.

The Flash Communicator software delivers application and end-user authentication, and secure file- and message-exchange capabilities both inside and outside the corporate firewall, improving the communication, collaboration and productivity of remote and mobile workers. Deployable on flash-memory devices or desktop and laptop computers, Flash Communicator secures the rapid transfer of any type and size of data file. Data is encrypted and decrypted within sending and receiving Flash Communicator applications, ensuring that data never travels in the clear.

The Sony FIU-810 Puppy Fingerprint Identity Token features on-board fingerprint imaging, processing and storage in addition to standards-based cryptographic technology and on-board biometric-secured file storage.