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Firefox Essentials: 10 Must-Have Extensions

There are some Firefox extensions that are good -- and some that are indispensable. Our expert tells why these are the add-ons you can't live without.
Quick Reference: 10 Must-Have Extensions

Firefox: Essential Extensions

•  Introduction

•  No More Ads

•  Flash Control Plus Three Tiny

•  Better Tabs, Downloads, And IE

•  Speed And Secrecy

•  Bonus: Search Plug-Ins

•  Quick-Click Chart

•  Image Gallery

Spare you the details; you just want the goods? Here you go -- a quick-reference chart of the must-have extensions on our list.

If you're good at counting, you'll quickly realize there are eleven extensions here. That's because the first two -- Adblock Plus and Adblock Filterset.G Updater -- go hand in hand; we count them as one extension in two parts.

The information on this chart is current as of January 2006. Minor details may change as new versions are released.





  Adblock Plus
Keeps your pages ad-free, without feature bloat.
  Wladimir Palant
   38KB    0.9.x–1.6a1  
  Adblock Filterset.G Updater
Keeps your Adblock filters current.
  Reid Rankin,
Michael McDonald
  62KB   1.5–1.6a1  
Blocks Flash animations, but if you want to see one, just click.
  Lorenzo Colitti,
Philip Chee
   50KB    1.5b2–1.5.0  
  Disable Targets For Downloads
Keeps new tabs and windows from opening during downloads.
  Ben Basson   10KB   0.8–1.5.0  
Uninstalls unwanted search add-ons.
  Alex Sirota    4KB    1.0–1.5.0  
  History Menu
Adds a set of submenus (Today, Yesterday, etc.) to your Go menu.
  Jason Sonnenschein   7KB   0.8–1.6a1  
  Tab Mix Plus
The ultimate in tab management.
  CPU    199KB    1.0–1.6a1  
  Download Manager Tweak
Optimizes the Firefox Download Manager.
  andman42   46KB   1.5b1–1.5.0  
  IE View Lite
Provides lightweight one-click access to Internet Explorer.
  Grayson Mixon    5KB    1.5–1.6a1  
Speeds up Firefox.
  Tony Gentilcore   91KB   1.0–1.5.0  
Creates secure passwords; you just remember one.
  Eric H. Jung    151KB    0.8–1.5.0  
  *Versions of Firefox that are supported by this extension

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