Firm To Commercialize Nanotechnologies

NanoDynamic's products, based on atomic clusters, will include a hydrogen sensor prototype and technology to produce precise conductive wire patterns.
MANHASSET, N.Y. — NanoDynamics Inc. has announced it would commercialize nanowire fabrication technologies developed by its New Zealand-based partner, Nano Cluster Devices Ltd., to make possible a new generation of nanoscale electronic devices and semiconductors.

NanoDynamics (Buffalo, N.Y.) will deploy technology by Nano Cluster Devices that uses a bottoms-up manufacturing approach with atomic clusters.

"Atomic clusters exhibit a range of useful electrical, chemical, and magnetic properties, demonstrating great potential as the building blocks of nanoscale electronic and complex semiconductor devices," said Simon Brown, chief scientist at Nano Cluster Devices. "This nanotechnology enables the electronics industry to make advanced devices and components, products that are already technologically proven but have yet to be brought to market because of manufacturing difficulties."

NCD’s platform technology has been demonstrated in a hydrogen sensor prototype, a technology to produce precise conductive wire patterns, and a cluster assembly process based on shadow mask techniques for manufacturing.

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