Free Wireless Router Offered With VoIP Subscription

Linksys and Vonage team to offer a free VoIP-ready wireless router for users who sign on for a Vonage subscription.
WLAN equipment vendor Linksys and voice-over-IP (VoIP) vendor Vonage Monday said that they are teaming to give free wireless routers to users who sign up for Vonage's calling service.

Specifically, the companies said that customers who sign up for VoIP can trade their existing wireless router in for a Linksys WRTP54G router that includes two phone ports. Linksys said in a statement that it will accept any wireless router in trade using any technology and from any vendor.

Linksys initially released specially-configured wireless routers last year to include ports for phones. The companies said that users must pay for the router but that it is free after users take advantage of rebates from Linksys, Vonage and participating retailers.

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