Freescale Claims Its Chipset Will Shrink 3G Phones

The vendor claims its latest 3G radio subsystem is almost three times smaller than previous subsystems, which will enable smaller mobile devices and additional features.
Chipset vendor Freescale said Tuesday that it is starting to sample radio subsystems that it claims will enable dramatically smaller 3G mobile devices.

The company claimed in a statement that its RF subsystem for WCDMA and EDGE phones requires 70 percent less board space than previous subsystems. It has started sampling the boards with phone vendors and said they will be available in quantity in the third quarter of 2005.

Besides enabling smaller phones, the smaller design also will make it easier for vendors to add features to devices such as audio playback and GPS, Freescale said.

"This paves the way for our customers to provide smaller, cheaper 3G phones with extended talk times," Kent Heath, Freescale's director of cellular operations for the company's radio products division, said in a statement.

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