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More On The Credibility Of Analysts

What's interesting is perhaps not the rehash of whether analysts/journalists are speaking independently, but the fact that it's the subject of public, online debate. Anyone questioning the value of blogging need look no further--where before mechanisms did exist to enable debate, they were never as publicly accessible, nor as widely read as these very blogs. --Jon Collins

There's a bigger story in the influence game: The resurgence of sourcing advisers and the emergence of tech blogs in addition to the traditional PR, AR, IR areas. --Vinnie Mirchandani

Where investment in analyst firms does come into play is what I explain to people as "Pay to Talk." Naturally, if you have a paid relationship, you have more oppor- tunity to get in front of the analysts through various means and speak to them about your offerings or demonstrate your successes. --Redman

Google Desktop: Friend Or Foe

I couldn't understand why anyone would need something other than Mac OS X and Spotlight search, then I realized this was for Windows users. I've worked in three different office environments (Web development and E-commerce) in the past 10 years and all of them have been strictly Mac-based. So yes, some of the business world isn't only Mac-friendly but Mac-centric, and as a result, software security is almost a nonissue. --Steven Howland

MSN and Yahoo (and many others) have been storing your information for years--they just don't tell you about it. Google is very up front and honest--and for that they get crucified by the ignorant. Yahoo and MSN must love Google getting all this attention as they stockpile your info and gladly hand it over to whomever asks. --Shane

You should try Windows Desktop Search combined with the free FolderShare application. With FolderShare, your data remains safely on your PCs, but you can search, browse, and access your data from any Internet-connected PC. FolderShare added search integration with WDS last summer. They were acquired by Microsoft a few months ago and the product was made free at that time. --Fred Peoples

Google desktop does search Lotus Notes. I use it at work, and it's the greatest thing ever. Just download the Enterprise search plug-in. It's free. --Brian Chicos

Communication's Key

In so many parts of life, communication is key. The difference between an "IT guy" who's passed over for a management position and one who isn't is often the ability to communicate ideas. I agree that IT people are the only ones who can explain the IT side of things, but really smart businesses would be empowering their IT professionals with communications skills. --M. Lee

Actually, I don't believe people really understand a subject if they can't put it in other words so that people outside their field can understand it. --Fred Sheeman

Nursing has made a serious effort to address this chasm by creating a specialty called Nursing Informatics. I'm a nurse and an IT-type person. In this role, I help serve as the translator between the needs of the clinical people (the internal customers/users of the IT resources) and the IT providers.

The informatics nurse works with the IT people to make sure that proposed IT applications for use at the bedside actually meet the needs of the clinician and achieve the goals of the organization. Other professions would benefit from following nursing's lead in this area and develop this sort of resource to help span the gap. --Tad Edwards

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