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Fuji Delivers Nanotech-Based Tape Drive

In an early commercialization of nanotechnology, Fuji's drive has native capacities of as much as 300GB.
In an early application of nanotechnology, Fuji Photo Film USA announced that its Fujifilm 3592 WormTape Cartridge with native capacities of as much as 300GB, is commercially available.

The company said its Nanocubic coating technology is used to provide an ultra-thin coating layer of nano-scale particles.

“Nanocubic coatings produce higher resolution for recording digital data with low noise and high signal-to-noise ratios – which are ideal for magneto-resistive heads,” Fuji’s Wednesday announcement stated. “These characteristics allow Fujifilm enterprise media to offer capacities of 300GB to 900GB (compressed) with native transfer rates of up to 110MB per second.”

Fuji noted that the technology is used in IBM’s 3592 Total Storage Enterprise Tape Drive System.

The write-once, read-many-times tapes are expected to find heavy usage in archival and disaster recovery applications, because recently enacted federal regulations stipulate that corporate record keeping be improved, Fuji said.