Fujitsu Unveils AMD-Powered Servers

Fujitsu Computer Systems unveils a blade server and rack server based on dual-core Opteron processors.
Fujitsu Computer Systems on Tuesday unveiled a blade server and rack server powered by dual-core Opteron processors from Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

The Primergy BX630 blade computer and the Primergy RX220 rack server offer an architecture that can be combined with other hardware in the data center for optimal efficiency and density and a higher return on investment, officials with the Sunnyvale, Calif., company said. The efficiency message that Fujitsu is pitching is similar to the sell that AMD is using for the Opterons appearing in the servers. Blades are increasingly used in rack-based installations where dozens of systems are packed together. Hence AMD's emphasis on what it claims is the Opteron's ability to consume less power and produce less heat than competing chips.

The BX630 supports up to eight processor cores and is ideal for simultaneously scaling out and scaling up data centers, according to Fujitsu.

The RX220, which is designed for high-performance computing environments, leverages the floating-point performance of the AMD Opteron processor, and can also take advantage of the Opteron's advanced memory architecture. The rack server is fully integrated with the Primergy Management Suite.

Pricing for the BX630 server, which is scheduled for release in mid-November, is expected to start at $2,350. The RX220 server, set for release in September, is expected to have a starting price of $1,700.

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