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Gartner To XP Users: Don't Bother Testing Vista Beta 1

The research firm weighs in with a seemingly common sense recommendation to wait for later previews before investing the time and effort.
Research firm Gartner has weighed in with recommendations to enterprises about dabbling with the first beta of Microsoft Windows Vista, telling many to wait for later previews before investing time and effort.

In a research note to clients, analyst Michael Silver -- Gartner's resident Microsoft expert -- advised companies that have adopted Windows XP not to bother thoroughly testing Vista Beta 1.

"Explore the new APIs available for your developers," Silver recommended. "Try out the new features, but don't spend time thoroughly testing them or their functions or checking for your compatibility." He recommended waiting until at least Beta 2 before beginning serious testing. According to dates leaked to several Windows enthusiast sites, Beta 2 is scheduled for a November 2005, appearance.

Silver's advice changes for companies which skipped Windows XP, but instead stuck with Windows 2000.

"You will have much less time to test and deploy [Vista] before independent software vendor support starts waning around 2007 and Microsoft ends all bug-fix support in mid 2010 [for Windows 2000]," he wrote in the note. "Plan on some limited, internal compatibility testing with Beta 1."