Get Sirius With New JVC Handheld 2

You can easily slip JVC's KT-SR2000 into a pocket, but it's no Walkman. Unless it's connected to one of its cradles it's just an inert lump of electronics without batteries, speakers, antenna or even a headphone jack. Only when you slip the tuner into either the car or home cradle do you have a functioning sound system.
The face of the radio is a large bright red LCD display. It's bright enough to see from across the room, which is good because the included remote control operates every function that's available from the unit's keypad. I found myself using the remote even in the car so that I didn't have to lean forward to push buttons.

The unit can remember up to 20 "favorite" songs, and then search all available chancels and play the song when it comes on. 20 favorites isn't really enough for me, and it's annoying to be listening to something and get interrupted to switch to something else. But I did like being able to set up to 18 station presets from the 120 or so channels Sirius offers.

Overall, the KT-SR2000 is a convenient way to get great quality sound wherever you are. It's simple to use and the setup straightforward if you are able to mount the satellite antenna properly. JVC says they will announce a 'boom box' option later this year, which will make the radio truly portable.

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