Google, Amazon, Apple Dominate Most Desirable Companies List

It's no surprise that Apple, Amazon, and Google dominate a list of companies people would go to work for if they could. However, does this mean workers really want to leave?
10 Sweet Job Perks In Tech
10 Sweet Job Perks In Tech
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Unless you are Apple or Google, your employees might be daydreaming of the day they can leave you for somewhere else, especially if that somewhere else happens to be Apple or Google.

The Poachable Top 40 list is out, which looks at the companies people would most want to work for if they left their current job. Poachable, an online site for "passive job seekers," uses data from their member list to compile the most attractive companies. Not surprisingly, the list is dominated by tech companies, with Google coming in at No. 1 and Apple holding the No. 2 spot.

Poachable, as described in our recent article on alternative job hunting apps, is for people who have a job and aren't necessarily looking for another job. You put in your work history, a summary, and exactly what it would take to make you leave your current job: More money, a different title, a different company, different responsibilities, etc.

All of that is kept confidential, and companies can look at profiles without names. If a profile interests them, like a dating profile, they can ask to meet with you. If you say yes, then more information is disclosed at your discretion and a conversation can happen.

This is the perfect way to reveal the most desirable companies in the business, because people are basically listing the "offer they can't refuse," their dream job and company right on the site. The top 5 dream companies on Poachable's March list are rounded out by other tech giants: Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.


It shouldn't be too surprising that the top 5 list is full of tech giants with large pockets for experimentation -- not to mention salaries -- and reputations for working on some of the most important projects in the world.

The next half of the top 10 is a little more interesting though.

That's when you start seeing companies like Uber, AirBnB, and Netflix -- companies that are undoubtedly changing businesses, but not with the same deep pockets and reputations. A little further down the list you'll find several older tech stalwarts such as IBM and Intel.

It is clear, as you look through the top 40 that people love to work with companies that are not just big, but doing something interesting. Space X, Square, and renowned design firm IDEO are on the list.

Not every company can do the most earth-shattering work.

Someone has to sell gas, potato chips, or off-label shoes. So if your company didn't make the list, don't fret. While people daydream of being at the most interesting companies, they don't necessarily switch jobs for that reason.

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According to a Careerbuilder survey, most people who wanted to leave their job left because they felt they weren't paid enough (66%) or because they feel unvalued (65%). The same report found that people stayed in jobs because they loved their co-workers (54%), they had a really good work/life balance (50%), they liked their benefits (49%), or they liked their salary (43%).

In other words, admiring a company or being interested in one because it is highly innovative and reputable doesn't necessarily translate into leaving. Remember that Poachable members are passive jobseekers. They aren't sending resumes out to Amazon and Google just because they're at the top of the list. The wish list is different from reality.

Still, who wouldn't like their name on this list? Maybe a little internal marketing on what makes you cool wouldn't be the worst thing. IT Pros, what makes you daydream about a job or a company? Money? Project? The sense of having made it? Check out the companies on the list. Tell us who is overrated or underrated? Who do you dream of working for and why?

Here's the complete Poachable list from March:

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