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Google Launches Personalized Home Page For Mobile Devices

Mobile users can set it up to automatically display information such as stock quotes, news headlines, Gmail, local weather, and selected RSS feeds.
Google, which launched a mobile homepage service this week, said the page gives users the opportunity to view on one screen information they often access through their Google homepage for the PC. For example, business travelers could stay up-to-date on stock quotes, while people who favor news can get the latest headlines.

The mobile homepage also provides at-a-glance access to Google Web mail, local weather and handpicked RSS feeds. The content is optimized for the smaller screens and low bandwidth associated with mobile devices.

People already using Google's personalized homepage for the PC can visit the Google site through the Web browser in their mobile phone, select the "personalized home" link, and sign in with their Google username and password. People without a Google homepage will need to set one up through their PC.

The service is free in the United States and works with any phone that contains an XHTML-capable Web browser. Additional charges could apply, depending on carrier service plan.