Google Launches Test Of AdSense For Video

The system lets publishers insert streaming video ads in online video content on their Web sites.
Google on Tuesday launched its AdSense for Video pilot program to test its system to allow publishers to insert streaming video ads in online video content on their Web sites.

"With this pilot, publishers control when the ads play in their videos and choose which videos get the ads," said Christine Lee, AdSense product marketing manager, in a blog post.

AdSense is a Google advertising program that lets publishers place ads on their Web sites and split the fees paid by advertisers with Google. AdSense already lets publishers place click-to-play video ads.

Lee said Google expects in-stream video ads will add value to publishers' sites and will help engage site visitors. "This pilot represents our continued efforts to address the challenges faced by publishers who want to monetize their video content, by advertisers who want access to quality video inventory, and finally by users who want ads to enhance their video watching experience, not detract from it," she said.

The pilot program is currently closed to new publishers.

At a recent press event, Marissa Mayer, Google's VP of search products and user experience, hinted that video ads might appear in Google search results. "We don't have anything to announce today," she said, "but I do think [Google's commitment to unified search] opens the door to the introduction of rich media to the search results page."