Google's Web-Analytics Free-For-All

Google on Monday launched a free Web-analytics service -- and drops a bomb into a traditionally high-priced, high-end business software category.
Google on Monday began offering its basic Web analytics service free.

Google Analytics, aka Urchin, helps online businesses measure the response to their Web presence. The service had been offered for $199 per month since last May and before that cost $495 per month.

The analytics engine integrates with Google AdWords and automatically tags keyword destination URLs to avoid errors and imports return-on-investment reports, according to Google.

With the tool, businesses can gauge the impact of online marketing campaigns such as banner ads, referral links, newsletters and search. Businesses also can pay for more advanced integration and customization. The tool offers reporting dashboards for executives, marketers and Web masters and is available now in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese and 10 other languages.

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