Grassroots Activists Lobby Against E-Voting

Some support a House bill that would require a paper record of every vote cast in state and federal elections.
More than 200 activist from grassroots organizations in 25 states converged on Washington, D.C., on Thursday to lobby for a House bill that would require a paper record of very vote cast in state and federal elections.

The VoteTrustUSA, a national organization representing local and state election reform groups, organized the lobbying effort for the bill introduced by Rep. Rush Holt, D-N.J.

The grassroots effort is against electronic touch-screen voting machines that leave no paper trail. Opponents say the technology is vulnerable to hackers who could compromise the election process. Proponents, however, say that security is tight, and electronic voting is more efficient and produces faster results than paper ballots.

The activists, who are in Washington for two days, are asking Congress to require a voter-verified, manually auditable paper record of every vote in state and federal elections, officials with VoteTrustUSA said.

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