House Audio System Lets Users Access Satellite, iPods, More

Users can connect five music sources, including CD players, iPods, satellite radio, and traditional radio, into one audio card with a self-programmable interface that controls six zones in a house.
Niles Audio Corporation marked the beginning of full-scale production of its whole house audio system Wednesday.

The company demonstrated its IntelliControl ICS, which allows users to plug five music sources, including CD players, iPods, satellite radio and traditional radio into one audio card with an self-programmable interface that controls six zones.

Listeners can choose any combination of devices or songs in each zone and control them with an iRemote control and wall panels that update and display all data available through each medium. IntelliControl works with XM or Sirius. It contains features like programmable alarms and sleep timers, as well as connections to doorbells and pagers.

Buyers can customize the system and purchase components separately. Options for two music devices and several control panels in a 2,500-square-foot home would cost an estimated $10,000, including installation. A fully decked-out system could run up to $20,000.

Company President Frank Sterns said that after three years and $6 million worth of development, it has been fully debugged. It is available through 250 resellers now, and it will be offered through 600 companies in 1,000 locations.

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