How To Spot The Best Hotspots

Some hotspots are free and fast, some cost money and are slow. Here's a review of eight hotspots and tips about picking the most secure, cost-effective wireless access.
The following table summarizes upload and download speeds at the eight tested hotspots.

Location Vendor Down Up
Borders T-Mobile 1111 Kbps 1072 Kbps
Caribou Coffee SBC FreedomLink 243 Kbps 129 Kbps
Caribou Coffee SBC FreedomLink 345 Kbps 127 Kbps
Dr. Dremo's Free 651 Kbps 580 Kbps
Marriott iBAHN/Boingo 1369 Kbps 970 Kbps
Panera Free 1106 Kbps 319 Kbps
Starbucks T-Mobile 1368 Kbps 995 Kbps
Starbucks T-Mobile 1411 Kbps 1057 Kbps
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