HP Readies Workstations Based On Intel's Upcoming High-Performance Chips

The computers are expected to be 90% recyclable by weight, and come standard with more than 80% efficient power supplies.
Hewlett-Packard on Wednesday introduced two workstations -- powered by Intel's upcoming Xeon processors -- which have been built with the company's performance-boosting next-generation manufacturing process.

The HP xw8600 and xw6600 workstations will be available with either two quad-core Xeon 5400 series processors, or two dual-core 5200 chips. The processors, scheduled to ship to computer manufacturers this quarter, have been built with Intel's 45-nanometer manufacturing process, which delivers higher chip performance at the same energy consumption as the previous generation.

Both workstations will have dual PCI Express Gen2 x16 graphics slots, and storage capacity of up to 5Tbytes. The xw8600 will have a memory capacity of up to 128Gbytes.

The computers are 90% recyclable by weight, and come standard with more than 80% efficient power supplies, HP said in a statement. The workstations will be available in shapes optimized for desk-side or desktop. Rack-mount versions will also be available.

Quad-core xw8600 and xw6600 workstations are scheduled to ship in mid-December. Pricing is expected to start at about $1,200.

Workstations in general are built to meet the needs of computing-intensive industries, including software design, architecture, high-definition video, game development, scientific imaging and oil exploration. HP's competitors include Dell and Lenovo, which unveiled its upcoming Xeon workstations on Tuesday.

Lenovo's D10 and S10 ThinkStations, scheduled to ship in January, are the first new product group in the company's Think family of PCs since it acquired the brand two years ago from IBM. The D10 will be powered by Intel's quad-core Xeon 5400 processor, while the S10 will run on the dual-core Core 2 processor. Pricing will start at $1,199 for the S10 and $1,739 for the D10.

HP is the world's largest computer maker with 19.6% of the market in the third quarter, according to IDC. Dell is second with a 15.2% share, followed by Lenovo with 8.2%.