I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Or Maybe I Can?)

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GetSatisfaction is an interesting new approach to leveraging the power of the Web for fun (and maybe profit)? The idea is to create an open market place for customer support. Got a question about a particular company or product? Go to, enter your question, and hopefully within a few minutes you get a response via e-mail from someone in that company. There's a pretty compelling business model there if you can leverage this sort of service to reduce calls to your contact centers. There's also some interesting opportunities to meld this service with microblogging services such as Twitter.

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Brandon Taylor, Digital Editorial Program Manager
Jessica Davis, Senior Editor
Cynthia Harvey, Freelance Journalist, InformationWeek
Terry White, Associate Chief Analyst, Omdia
John Abel, Technical Director, Google Cloud
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Cynthia Harvey, Freelance Journalist, InformationWeek
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