ICQ Adds Sophisticated Avatars To IM System

Customized male and female characters are meant to make instant messaging more personal.
ICQ and Oddcast today announced the joint launch of customizable animated avatars designed to make instant messaging more personal and more engaging for ICQ users.

ICQ users worldwide can now choose from 13 customizable male and female human characters and 10 creature avatars to enliven their IM conversations. Everything about the human models can be customized, including hair, eyes and skin tone to face shape, age, clothing and accessories, making them reflective of any user's preferences.

The creature avatars, including holiday icons, aliens and dragons, can also be altered using a color palette. Once created in the new ICQ Devil Factory, the animated human or creature avatars can be embedded in users' ICQ messages and can exchange stock verbal sayings with users' correspondents.

In an introductory offer, ICQ users will be able to customize their animated avatars in the new ICQ Devil Factory, and display them during instant messaging sessions, at no charge. After the introductory period there will be a charge, yet to be determined.

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