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Innovators & Influencers: Alex Iskold's Startup, AdaptiveBlue, Helps The Firefox Browser Get Smarter

The extension, called BlueOrganizer, combines an individual's Web viewing history and the semantics to do personalized, specialized searches
The easy bet is to dismiss Alex Iskold's AdaptiveBlue as a long shot. Iskold, who sold his last company to IBM, won't argue. "I have absolutely no idea how to get to mass adoption of this," he says, referring to the startup's product, BlueOrganizer, a clever add-on to the Firefox browser. It learns what a person does online and understands the context of a site, so if you're on a tech site and right-click on "java," you get search choices related to software development, not espresso. BlueOrganizer is a niche inside a niche, as Firefox has only around 13% of the browser market. But browsers must get smarter, which makes this a company worth watching.

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