Intel Claims WiMAX Already A Success

Chipmaker says that, although officially-certified WiMAX products aren’t yet available, two dozen providers worldwide are already deploying WiMAX systems based on its chipsets.
Intel claimed Wednesday that, even though officially certified WiMAX products have not yet been released that the technology is already a success.

Specifically, the chipmaker claimed that 24 mobility operators around the world have are either deploying or will soon deploy fixed WiMAX systems based on Intel chipsets.

Final interoperability testing for fixed WiMAX services is going on in a Spanish laboratory with the first officially certified products expected to be released by the year’s end.

"We are now delivering the promise of WiMAX -- high-speed, cost-effective wireless broadband access -- to businesses and consumers in cities and suburbs around the world," Scott Richardson, general manager of Intel’s Wireless Broadband division, said in a statement.

The company named carriers that are deploying WiMAX in areas ranging from Slovakia to Uruguay. Intel has been a leading advocate for WiMAX but faces stiff competition for the sale of chipsets from a variety of vendors such as Fujitsu.

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