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Intel To Show Off Its Own Dual-Core Technology

One week after AMD said it has demonstrated a dual-core processor, Intel will use its Developer's Forum to provide the first demonstration of its dual-core technology.
Not to be outdone by its rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Intel says it will provide the first demonstration of its dual-core processor technology at its Developer Forum in San Francisco next week.

That demonstration will come a week after AMD announced that it has demonstrated a dual-core Opteron processor in a server manufactured by Hewlett-Packard. Both companies have previously disclosed plans to have dual-core versions of their processors available in 2005. Multicore technology is the placing of two or more processing engines on a single piece of silicon.

Improving overall processor and system performance through the use of dual-core, and ultimately multicore, processors will highlight much of the conference, as well as disclosures of other technology improvements, says Frank Spindler, VP of Intel's Corporate Technology Group and director of its Industry Technology.

"For many years, performance enhancements, which have been dramatic, were achieved through scaling frequency, or megahertz or gigahertz," he says. "We're now shifting into providing different types of usage environment technologies into our silicon to achieve performance gains."

Intel will also continue disclosure surrounding its "Ts" performance enhancement effort, which includes hyperthreading, security, processor virtualization capabilities, mobility, and its recently introduced x86 64-bit extensions for its Xeon processors, Spindler says. Spindler declined to specify which processor will be used to demonstrate the company's dual-core technology--Pentium, Xeon, or Itanium.

A road map for release of the processor virtualization technology will also be disclosed. The technology is expected to enable a partitioning of a processor to enable it to run multiple operating environments, Spindler says.

During the keynote from president and CEO Paul Otellini on Tuesday, there will be also be discussion of advancements in wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi and WiMax.

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