Iowa Non-Profit Organization To Offer Free Wi-Fi

A non-profit group aimed at community development will oversee development of a three-city wireless network.
A non-profit organization in Iowa said Wednesday that it will lead the development of a wireless network that will provide free wireless access in three cities.

The organization, the Corridor Free Wireless Network (cFreeWireless), said it will set up a wireless mesh network that provides service to the downtown areas of Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Coralville. The free coverage also will cover the University of Iowa campus in Iowa City.

The system will use mesh networking gear from Strix Systems and will also have the cooperation of Avalon Networks, a regional ISP. The project also is receiving contributions from the city of Coralville, Linn County, the Cedar Rapids Downtown District and Those organizations, in turn, will find additional sponsors, according to cFree Wireless.

"This project is truly unique because it shows that a group of both non-profit organizations and local companies can come together to make free, high-performance wireless access a reality," Rob Pilaszewski, director of operations for cFree Wireless, said in a statement. "Our goal is drawing more people to the area and encouraging the growth of the 'creative class', a technologically savvy group of users who help drive the economy in these areas."

The group did not say when the network would be available.

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