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In the "something I never thought I'd see" department, Cisco won top honors at MacWorld last week for its new WebEx and MeetingPlace clients for iPhone, enabling iPhone users to participate in web conferences. Features vary by system, but this move reflects a couple of realities:

  • with little support from Apple, the iPhone is quickly becoming an enterprise device (witness earlier announcements from Avaya and IBM Lotus among others)
  • collaboration applications are moving into the mobile device world thanks to innovations such as Apple's fully featured iPhone browser

The rise in mainstream support for the iPhone continues into the Mac world, as IBM released Notes 8.5 for the Mac this week. I've been using the beta for about 3 months now and have found it to be fairly stable. It's a fully feature comparable with Windows versions, and a huge improvement over the basic version I had used in the past.

Have we finally reached the point where Apple is viewed as a serious enterprise platform rather than a nuisance from IT's perspective, and a costly excess from the view of management? I'd argue that we have.

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