Is Your Phone Ready For Interactive TV?

Ericsson says it has new technology for delivering not just television, but interactive television to mobile devices.
Although interactive TV hasn't taken off in the home and that mobile TV of any sort has yet to take off in the marketplace, Ericsson Monday said it now is offering interactive television for mobile devices.

The technology aligns short messaging service (SMS) and multimedia messaging (MMS) with TV broadcasts sent to devices, according to Ericsson. That will enable users to do things such as vote to send messages to TV producers or even personalities, according to Ericsson.

"Our solution makes it possible for viewers to interact with a show they are watching on their mobile device in a whole new way, creating a much richer TV experience with the help of the mobile channel," Kurt Sillen, head of Ericsson Mobility World group, said in a statement. "Apart from simultaneously watching and interacting with TV on a mobile device, the new solution also allows the device to be used as an interactive remote control when sitting in front of TV at home."

Because it uses existing technologies, Ericsson claimed that wireless operators could set up the system quickly.

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