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Italians Will Watch World Cup On Handsets

Subscribers will be able to watch all 64 football matches in their entirety.

Samsung's P910 handsets were supposed to be available to 3 Italia's subscribers by the end of May but have yet to surface in Italian stores, according to sources there. Samsung's DVB-H phones use Freescale's DVB-H tuner with DiBcom's DVB-H demodulator chip. While observers have speculated that the delayed Samsung handset may have been caused by technical glitches of its TV reception capabilities, a 3 Italia spokesman insisted Samsung handsets will be in stores by Friday (June 9).

Both mobile TV handsets are heavily subsidized by 3 Italia. If consumers sign up for a 49 euro per month subscription for 23 months, they receive a free mobile TV handset. That monthly subscription fee is "an all- inclusive deal," according to the 3 Italia spokesman, including access to all nine mobile TV channels (the total will be increased to 14 channels by mid July), one hour of free international phone calls and 1 gigabyte of data transmission and Internet navigation.

With no mobile TV service subscription, LG's U900 mobile TV phone costs 499 euros.