Jack Nicholson YouTube Video Stumps For Hillary Clinton

The presidential campaign plays out online Tuesday, as voters in Texas and Ohio cast their votes for party nominees.
Jack Nicholson stars in a new YouTube hit endorsing Hillary Clinton and a whole crop of response videos have cropped up.

The Nicholson endorsement video, entitled "Jack and Hill" had been viewed by nearly 2 million people on Tuesday afternoon, as Clinton fought to stay in the race for the Democratic nomination after a series of unexpected victories by her opponent Barack Obama. By the third day the independent ad aired, it had drawn 2,300 comments.

Clips from Nicholson's performances in several hit movies combine to make a case for Clinton in less than two minutes. Responses, parodies, and fakes, joined the original video in YouTube's lineup almost immediately. A search for "Hillary" and "Nicholson" yielded 52 selections, many of which used the same background tune, "Battle Hymn Of The Republic."

The video is not on Hillary Clinton's campaign site, although the campaign did announce the Nicholson endorsement in a press release last month.

A search for Hillary Clinton turned up 51,000 videos. A search for Barack Obama turned up 54,000. And, a search for Republican frontrunners John McCain and Mike Huckabee turned up just over 12,000 and just over 5,000, respectively.

The number of videos coincides with rankings on Wonkosphere, a blog that tracks, measures, and reports online buzz surrounding presidential candidates.

That site reported that Obama had 46% share of the buzz, with 969 blog mentions. Clinton had 36%, with 840 mentions on blog posts. McCain ranked third, with 16% of the share and 543 posts, compared to Huckabee's 1% share, with mentions on 109 posts.

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