Joining Hosted And Web Services

Newcomer Intellibank touts extended relationship-management service for employee collaboration and external business relationships
Empire Media Inc. needs a way to automate the management of documents, business processes, and client relationships--and improve information collaboration among its staff. But the small print and online media company says it can't afford costly and complex software packages with names like customer-relationship management and document management to realize its goals.

Empire Media is turning to Intellibank Inc., a new company that's developed a hosted service for a variety of data-management efforts that its customers access using Web services based on the XML and Simple Object Access Protocol standards. Intellibank's business model fits right in with Empire's, says Chris Travers, CEO of Empire Media. "Everything we will do will focus on Web-based access to information; it's a cornerstone to our information policy and growth," Travers says.

Intellibank's customers can access their hosted software via a Web browser or a Pocket PC device; the company says it will add support for Palm and Research In Motion devices and Microsoft Outlook later this year.

Empire Media is one of the first customers of Intellibank, which launched its Extended Relationship Management, or XRM, service last week. The idea is to provide companies with a one-stop shop for managing customers, projects, employees, and suppliers along with all the related content, resources, and processes. Companies set up customized home pages on Intellibank's servers.

Empire Media is using the service to let employees store, share, and access information, replacing an ad hoc collaboration system that included E-mail and PC hard drives. The company is reviewing Intellibank's other hosted offerings.

Intellibank offers several types of subscriptions, ranging from $30 per month for mobile users to $120 per month for a professional package.

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