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Kyocera Turns A Cell Phone Into A Credit Card

The company's wireless division demonstrates the emerging technology this week at the CTIA show in Florida.
Under the umbrella of its "East Meets West" campaign, Japan's Kyocera Wireless on Tuesday showed off a Visa payment system using a WiMax-B PC Card and its dual mode Wi-Fi/CDMA handset.

Noting that many advanced mobile phone technologies debut in Asia before North America, Kyocera is demonstrating several of its emerging mobile technologies this week at the CTIA Wireless trade show in Orlando, Fla.

"Kyocera is seeing a tremendous expansion in the consumer applications for mobile devices, ranging from streaming music and television to on-the-go payment platforms," said Dave Carey, VP of strategic planning at Kyocera Wireless, in a statement.

Demonstrating its Visa payments technology, Kyocera showed how beverages can be purchased from vending machines by presenting a payments-enabled handset to a vending machine's contactless payment spot. Also, a movie ticket system eliminates paper movie tickets; a movie poster transmits a code to a handset, which is then read at the entrance of the theater.

Also demonstrated were streaming mobile TV sessions transmitted at speeds up to 20 Mbps through the MobiTV software platform. The presentation highlights Kyocera's MIMI-enabled WiMax PC card and WiMax infrastructure provided by Runcom.

As for Wi-Fi/CDMA convergence, Kyocera said it is showing its handsets with the dual capabilities. The firm has set up demos for making VoIP calls with the handsets as well as demonstrations of music downloads over Wi-Fi including the ability to browse, download, and stream digital music.

"When it comes to consumer electronics, a common perception is that countries like Japan bring the newest technologies to market first, and eventually these technologies arrive in the West," said Tom Maguire, VP of global marketing, product planning, and design at Kyocera Wireless.