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Laptop Recovers Lost Data In 60 Seconds

Non Stop Leaptop made by India's HCL Infosystems aims to eliminate problems caused by crashes or missing data.
With their abundance of computer science graduates, India's technology companies have of late been the subject of speculation on whether they can extend their dominance in outsourcing to other tech markets. At least one such Indian vendor is now looking to take that step. HCL Infosystems, a unit of outsourcing giant HCL Enterprises, already offers a full line of home and business PCs and enterprise servers for India's fast growing computer market. On Friday, the company introduced a new line of laptops featuring breakthrough technology that it says allows the computers to recover all lost data in under one minute.

The HCL Non Stop 'Leaptop' series, as the products are called, features the company's proprietary Embedded Continuity and Control technology. The technology continuously stores and updates a complete system image of user applications and data. In the case of a crash or accidental loss of data, a user can reload the previously recorded image in less than a minute and continue working, according to HCL.

"Research has suggested that 95% of all problems with PCs are software-related and include accidental deletion of data," said George Paul, executive VP at HCL Infosystems, in a statement.

Microsoft's Windows operating systems feature system restore points that users can activate to restore their computer to a previous state, but doing so won't retrieve lost data and the backups are infrequent.

HCL manufactures its systems at plants in the Indian cities of Puducherry and Uttarakhand. At this point, the Leaptops are available only in India, where prices start at the equivalent of $685 U.S. dollars.

PC shipments in India increased 25% in 2006, according to IDC.