Launchpad 2009: First Round Winners Into The Sweet Sixteen Round

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I am happy to announced the Sweet Sixteen contestants for the Launchpad, based on the community voting on their Twitpitches.twitter-round-1_resultsThe companies are these:
  1. CoCloud
  2. BillFlo
  3. InfoVark
  4. Bantam
  5. Producteev
  6. NewsGator Social Sites
  7. Brainpark
  8. RumbaFish
  9. Interacorp Intrix
  10. Manymoon
  11. CumulusIQ
  12. OpenText
  13. YouCalc
  14. Cloudize
  15. SocialWok
  16. Swift Mobile
This round will pitch the 16 contestants against each other based on video -- a video demo, preso, talking head, or whatever -- with the community voting to decide who proceeds to the Elite Eight:

Video Upload Instructions
  1. Create a free account on the Launch Pad page.
  2. Make a video of your application (preferably with voiceover describing it), or a video of yourself describing the application.
  3. Upload the video and promote promote promote.

Then we all watch the votes come in... wishing you all the best of luck!


Sweet Sixteen (Video Round) Pitch your product or idea in a one-minute video.

May 19: Begin accepting submissions

May 24: Video submissions close

May 25 - 28: Community Voting

May 29: Elite Eight Finalists announced

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