Letters To The Editor 119

Letters from readers in the July 5, 2004 issue

Treat Staff Like People

I'm amazed, but not surprised, that IT management continues to misunderstand how to deal with people ("IT Workers' Morale Mired In A Slump," June 21, 2004). Employee-satisfaction surveys won't reveal true feelings unless management makes it clear it cares about people as people, not as "staff." Similarly, management continues its ineffective tactics when it relies on employee-recognition stunts and company-sponsored events as tools for dealing with morale problems.

People appreciate self-development and career-enhancing opportunities that show management thinks of them as individuals. Communication, bonuses, and hiring additional staff also are the sorts of things that will raise morale.

Management is too concerned with numbers and not enough with people.

Sal Weir
Flushing, N.Y.

The Right Tool For The Job

To say that business-computing problems would disappear if people dumped PCs for Macs is naive ("Not That Great," June 14, 2004). To say it isn't true demonstrates the same naivete. Selecting the best tools for the work at hand means just that, irrespective of operating-system or platform preference. With many of the Unix and open-source tools available on Mac OS X, I've saved my company time and money over and over again. It doesn't mean it's always the best tool, but it is a viable option.

Hunter McGee
Systems Architect, Techpool, San Diego

Travel-Industry Trends

I was aware of Sabre's move to open source but wasn't as aware of the industry dynamics driving Sabre toward open source ("Bound For Industry Upheaval [With A Layover In Dallas]," June 7, 2004). The article illustrated the trends in the travel industry and outlined competitive pressures occurring in every industry.

Bernard Golden CEO
Navica, San Carlos, Calif.

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