Letters To The Editor 120

Letters from readers in the June 7, 2004 issue

Lesson Learned

In an article bemoaning the use of confusing jargon, I found the use of the term "exegetical" rather amusing ("Words Are IT's Bridge To Credibility And Funding," May 31, 2004).

I enjoyed the irony of using a term most readers would probably have to look up--myself included--in a story on this subject. In this case, making your technical audience stop to look up a term is a highly pertinent lesson.

Joe Garrick
Project Lead, ACI Telecentrics, Minneapolis

Linux Proves Its Worth

I've had issues with installing both Windows and Linux ("Follow-Up To Linux's Achilles' Heel Column," May 17, 2004).

However, I don't mind the Linux installation quirks as much, because I only have to install Linux once. But with all of the security holes and stability issues of Windows, reinstallation is a fact of life for the average Windows user. If average users couldn't reinstall Windows, they'd be using Linux.

Nathan Crawford
Oak Brook, Ill.

Smart Approach

"Never Too Lean" (April 19, 2004) is a timely article in these days of renewed concern over declining manufacturing and the outsourcing of jobs. It reminds us that the future of manufacturing in this country lies in harnessing information for an aggressively smart approach to production--an approach that drives out waste and confers both a competitive edge and a pricing advantage.

Getting costs out of the operations side of a business is one of the key goals of a quality strategy. The strategy applies not only to manufacturing and production-support areas, but to nonmanufacturing processes as well.

Ken Case
President, American Society for Quality, Milwaukee

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