Linksys Boosts 802.11g Wi-Fi Speeds

Its new product line includes a router, notebook adapter, and a PCO-based wireless adapter for desktops.
Linksys on Monday debuted a line of 802.11g Wi-Fi products, including a router, a notebook adapter, and a PCI-based wireless adapter for desktops, that promises to boost wireless performance in home and small-business wireless LANs by as much as 35%.

All three devices include what Linksys dubbed "SpeedBooster," technology built on Broadcom Corp.'s Afterburner, to increase wireless data-transmission speeds and throughput.

SpeedBooster-equipped products will deliver the faster speeds, said Linksys, a division of router and switch maker Cisco Systems, while its backward-compatible support for traditional 802.11b/g gear--including equipment made by other manufacturers--will automatically downshift the hardware to match slower speeds.

The trio also sports new support for additional security protocols, including Wi-Fi Protected Access and IEEE 802.1x.

The SpeedBooster line will be available in late April, with prices of $129.99 for the router and $99.99 for the notebook and PCI adapters.

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